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Myrch castle
· Grodno region. Myrth. 1998, September. View of the castle of XIII-XVth centures.

Also Myrch castle
· Myrth. 1998, September. On the way to the main gates of the superb Myrth's castle. It's very impressive to watch it: is this really in Belarus?
The lake (wiev from castle wall)
· Myrth. 1998, September. Myrth castle. We are inside now. We have walked upstairs and looked into the narrow window in the thick castle wall.
View from the ancient castle wall
· Grodno. 1997, March. The view of Kolozh's plateau, the Boris and Gleb church dates back to the XIIth century. You'll watch a memorable view, if the snow isn't heavy and if you climb to the top of ruins of ancient wall of the Grodno Old Castle (XII-XVIIth centuries). It's quite high and very interesting. There's a village near the centre of the old city of Grodno. The grand river - the Neman - is down.
Boris and Gleb church
· Grodno. 1997, March. The Boris and Gleb (Kolozh) church (XIIth century). It stands very high on a steep slope of Neman's bank. Half of the church crashed down into the river in XIX century. Now this part of the church is wooden, but the other part is original. There are mosaics of XIIth century. They are indeed superb! Is it the top of XIIth century technology? There are great secrets of art. The quality and beauty of the glaze went through centuries and have been preserved for ages. It's the very place a tourist has to visit.
· Grodno region. Derechin village. Early spring of the 1997. There are parts of a sublime Catholic church on the left of the photo. The church was pillaged by communists. They had used the church to save salt in until the roof crashed. Now it's a superb building and fine place. Vatican rebuilt it. The Padre is a Pole as in many sacred places of West Belarus.
Minsk. Chizhovka
· Minsk. September, 1998. Chizhovka lake. Threes with large leaves. The square of leaf surface is more than my mouse pad one.
Minsk 900th anniversary park
· Minsk. September, 1998. Chizhovka park. There is a piece of granite slab with such words: "Minsk 900th anniversary park. Founded in 1967".
Autumn. The time to make resume and think about future. I like autumn.
In Minsk 900th anniversary park
· Minsk. February, 1998. A snowy and magic beautiful month. The most beautiful month for the last half year. It wasn't cold, but so much snow!
It was monkery
· August, 1997. North-west Belarus. The village of Zasvir. It's near lake Svir. There is the church of Carmelites and the ruins of the Carmelites' monastery. An old man who lives there told me that when he was a child he played in many little rooms of the monks. It was very interesting for him. They are just ruins now. No monks, no rooms. But the church works on Sundays and good appletrees grow on the foundation of the monastery. A cemetery behind the church is being rebuilt little by little. It seems Germans do it.
Orthodox church in Myrch
· Myrth. 1998, September. Orthodox church. Bright-blue domes. There is some Russian glamour, the feel of purity.
Near the Myrch castle
· Myrth. 1998, September. The face of Lord. The burial-vault near of Myrth castle.
Staiky. Trostianka river
· 1998, September. Minsk region. This small river is Trostianka in the Staiki sports complex.
· 1998, September. Minsk region. The territory of Staiki sports complex. On the bank of the Trostianka.
Lake Naroch
· Lake Naroch. 1997, September. This photo is made near the place where lake Miastro pours into the Naroch. It's a nice place for picnic. It's calm. There is a shallow and tortuous river. Its length is some hundreds of meters.
Lake Naroch
· Lake Naroch. 1997, August. We walked at sunset on the spit, which divide the lake almost in two. Suddenly we saw graceful swans. We said goodbye to one more nice day.
Minsk. Chizhovka
· Minsk. September, 1998. There is a dried tree on the bank of the lake Chizhovka.

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