Where is Belarus

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Where is Belarus? No any misunderstanding. Poor agricultural country with great history and rich background. And for sure with strange name. It has been under Moscow power for centuries. Today is about 10 million people. For those who grow up there: good free technical education. For those who live there: straight vodka...

Official Belarussian flag Before reading maps just look at official Belarussian flag. Belarus could have a different flag. And economy, and level of life, who knows. They were changed recently by pro-Moscow president of Belarus.

Former Belarus national flag (before 1995)That was the real flag of "independant republic of Belarus" :
Unfortunately it's gone. Click here to find out what power of Moscow has done for this.

Location in EuropeOkay. That's the point. Belarus is Eastern Europe country. It is located in the heart of Europe as shown on picture.
Two more maps will help you better understand geography of Belarus.

First is political map: Belarus. Cities, towns and borders
And map below is geographic: Belarus. Flatland with splendid forests
Yes, it is a flatland mainly. There are no mountains in Belarus. The usual sight is shown below: Harvesting. Pay attention also to this tractor made in Belarus
3/23/2002, Belmont, California

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